October 20, 2020

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Welcome home to us!

In recent times, more people than ever have worked remotely. Many of us have not been in the office more than on a few occasions while productivity has increased rather than decreased.

Once the world is back to normal, we have probably created a whole new “standard” of how and where we will perform our work. However, we are already seeing an increasing need for environmental change in order to be able to keep our creativity going or just get away from home for a while.

To be able to accommodate the “new” way of working, we have chosen to decorate our office as an extension of the home in combination with a nice Café instead of a traditional office environment. At our place, you should be able to sit down for a while when it suits you, exchange a few words with colleagues, have a meeting or if you want to sit and work at a traditional desk.

If you want to come by and see how we are doing, just contact us and we will book an appointment and if you are interested in working with us, we currently have a number of exciting positions that we are recruiting for.

Written by Mathias Ahlm